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Bayou- Varsity Jacket 

Bayou, from London has a very cool, understated mellow minimalist pop tune here. Sure, it owes a bit to Jai Paul- but just a tiny bit, Bayou deserves full credit for this gem.

Dan Carson at The Line of best Fit summed up the new song best- “Hari’s softly cooed refrain, ‘varsity jacket, they don’t wanna know your name’ drips down the spine like a slowly melting ice-cube: wispy but benevolent and familiarly soothing”.

Grouplove - Ways To Go

Another summer anthem nominee has landed and it’s a welcome addition to the list. This new song comes off of the new album, expected in September, titled “Spreading Rumours”.

The tune is officially available June 17, just in time for summer and is an insatiably happy track- which is ironic since their 2011 debut album was titled, “Never Trust a Happy Song”. The second single off that album was "Tongue Tied" which you’ve more than likely already heard a bunch of times as it was used around the world for the iPod Touch commercials last year. That song like Feist’s “1,2,3,4”, hit number 1 in the US and went gold in Australia and Canada. Once again, Apple launches the career of another musical enterprise.

Either way, “Ways to Go” is worth adding to your summertime playlist- enjoy.

Pawws- Slow Love

The next big thing out of North London has more than a few people talking. Pawws, a new artist recently signed to ASL Records is actually Lucy Taylor and her new track is the finest in catchy, glittery pop.

The vocal work is a slight bit Grimes, if Grimes went the route of writing danceable, sugar coated pop songs about love. And speaking of love, Taylor’s getting big love from many a music blog this week and I concur- this one has been on repeat today. It doesn’t hurt that she’s as cute as a button either, as you can see below. 

Photo: London's soon-to-be synthpop queen Pawws's debut single comes out in July. Hear Time to Say Goodbye + "Slow Love."

Woodkid feat. Angel Haze- I Love You

As xxlmag reports, "Angel Haze recently linked up with French singer/video director Woodkid for a revamped version of “I Love You.”

The song is an unexpectedly good duet between the two as they go back and forth with heartfelt lyrics. The track, which was previously found on his debut album The Golden Age, will appear on a new EP dropping on June 17. It’s set to feature remixes by Pharrell and Brodinski”.

The track is truly enigmatic, with outstanding production that Woodkid is known for and showcases some fun and interesting back and forth chemistry between the French and American artists.

Not a bad track for a Thursday, right?

The S.O.S Band- Take Your Time (Do it Right) (Soliddisco Remix)

Solidisco is back with another free download, this time cleaning the dust off of the classic S.O.S. Band’s jam “Take Your Time” and remixing it with that summertime flavor. Great for outside relaxing in the day time, and even better for partying at night.

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Just a Touch- Wolfpack

Nice little track from new duo, Just a Touch. This is fresh, hot off the press- so fresh that nobody really knows anything about them. They have a Soundcloud account, this one fine, funky house track and one picture floating around the ole’ net. The track uses some samples from ‘The Hangover’ (Zach Galafanakis playing Allan Warner) which just adds a little something something to the tune (and don’t forget- it’s a free download)

Beck- Defriended

New Beck! New Beck! 

In what is an obvious(?) nod to being defriended on Facebook, Beck is releasing a brand new original single today. Rolling Stone reports that Bek David Campbell will be releasing two new albums this year- one that is acoustic (more in line with ‘Sea Change’ and 1994’s “One Foot in the Grave”), and one record later this year that will be his official, ‘proper’ follow up to 2008’s stellar “Modern Guilt”.

It should be noted that this tune will not be appearing on either of those albums and that he will be releasing another track sometime in the near future for his fans to devour. Beck plans to release the albums independently as opposed to Universal Music with whom he was with for years.

The brand new single- a grazing, spaced out electro composition is classic Beck. If you think about though- since 1994 Beck’s been producing wickedly cool music with impressive consistency. This track is (expectedly) very promising and makes us super excited for what’s in store later this year.


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